Frequently Asked Questions

CDPAP is an alternative to traditional home care services. This program allows people with disabilities who are eligible for Medicaid to have more control over their personal care services.

Consumers enrolled in the CDPAP program are allowed to manage their own care. They have the freedom to recruit, hire, train, supervise, schedule, and dismiss their own Caregivers. If the consumer is non-self-directing (for example a child or an Alzheimer's patient), a Designated Representative can also manage the patient's care via the CDPAP.

  • Employ as many caregivers as you need to satisfy your lifestyle choice, keeping within the amount of hours you have been authorized by Medicaid.
  • Consumers can direct and supervise their caregivers to enable the consumers to live independent lives.
  • Consumers receive care that would otherwise be required to be provided by a registered nurse.
  • To promote consumer independence.
  • To serve as the fiscal intermediary for the consumer and Manage Long Term Care.
  • To administer a comprehensive wage and benefits program for caregivers.
  • To provide a variety of ancillary services to assist the consumer or the surrogate assisting him or her, including compliance monitoring, recruitment assistance, and emergency preparedness.
  • To provide ABI FI with all employment documents prior to hire, and have an initial physical exam and an annual physical exam while employed.
  • To complete all assignments designated by the consumer (or by the designated representative of the consumer) in order to enhance the consumer’s ability to live independently.
  • To complete a timesheet reflecting the actual hours worked at the end of each day.
  • To respect the consumer’s health, well-being, privacy, and property.
  • To comply with the policies and regulations of ABI FI.
  • To report any possible instances of Medicaid fraud to ABI FI.
  • To notify ABI FI when a consumer is admitted to the hospital, a long-term care facility or is on vacation.
  • To recruit, interview, train, and schedule the caregivers of your choice.
  • To manage your own care plan within the authorized hours allocated to you by the DSS, and to inform the ABI FI staff of any changes that may affect your service authorization.
  • To ensure the timely and accurate completion of your caregivers' time sheets, employment documents, and annual health assessments.
  • To keep ABI FI informed of any changes in status of either the consumer or of the caregivers, such as change of address, telephone number, and incidents of hospitalization.
  • To develop an emergency backup system that can manage emergency schedule changes, vacation days, and holidays.
  • To maintain a safe and suitable work environment.
  • To treat the caregivers with the respect and consideration with which you would like to be treated.

In cases where consumers are non-self-directing, their roles and responsibilities (described above) can be taken on by a legal guardian or responsible adult, known as a Designated Representative.

For more information on how the ABI FI Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program works, please send an email to ABI FI at, or call our Client Coordinator at (718) 762-0600.

As an ABI FI consumer, you will be able to:

  • Employ as many caregivers as you need to satisfy your lifestyle choice, keeping within the amount of hours authorized by Medicaid.
  • Direct and supervise your caregivers to enable you to live an independent life.
  • Receive care that would otherwise be required to be performed by a registered nurse.

If you cannot find a family member to take care of you, and you wish to select a caregiver of your choice, search our ABI FI website for caregivers. Our website provides you with a good resource of selections of caregivers.

  1. Apply to become a Patient on the ABI FI website.
  2. Select your desired caregivers online.
  3. Sign the necessary agreements.
  4. Receive a schedule and complete a social and nursing assessment.
  5. A nurse assessor will determine whether the recipient (patient) can appropriately participate in CDPAP, and will recommend the amount, frequency and duration of services.
  6. Once ABI FI receives authorization from MLTC or a Managed Care Plan, we will inform you immediately and authorize your caregivers to start the service.
  7. ABI FI will then handle the payroll and pay your caregivers’ wages and benefits.

The consumer is the person who receives the personal assistance services. A designated representative is the person who agrees to accept all of the responsibilities for a consumer who either requires additional help running his or her program, or who cannot assume the responsibilities needed to do so. This means that the designated representative will then take on all of the responsibilities outlined within the Consumer Participation Agreement.

A designated representative can be either a legal guardian or a responsible adult, provided s/he is able to demonstrate to the local Department of Social Services that s/he is willing and able to assist the consumer with the responsibilities involved in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. Examples of designated representatives are a parent of a disabled child, an adult child of a senior parent with dementia, a trusted friend or a neighbor.

If you are looking for employment, you can create an online profile on our website. Your profile, which contains information such as your name, your work preferences, your skills, and so on, will be displayed to all prospective consumers on our website.

After an eligibility period has been completed, caregivers will receive a competitive salary and a full benefit package, including:

  • Competitive pay with differentials.
  • Access to a comprehensive health care plan or supplemental benefit program.
  • Educational programs.

A caregiver must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be legally eligible to work in the United States and have a valid Social Security number.
  • Be interviewed and hired by an ABI FI consumer.
  • Provide all necessary information to the consumer to facilitate enrollment in the payroll and insurance systems.
  • Complete all the required documents in the manner prescribed by ABI FI, with the assistance and direction of the consumer.
  • Complete an annual health assessment, including all locally required laboratory tests